Business Diagnostic Options

Let’s face it – If you already knew what to do, you would probably be getting better results. That’s where we come in:

We inject our expertise as we review your business to evaluate what your biggest opportunities could be, and help you prioritize the actions that will create a huge impact for you.


When you believe there are opportunities in your business, but you don’t realize how much, what they’re worth, or how to capture them…


We can help you “Find The Money” hidden in your business, identify the performance improvement opportunities, or define methods to instantly increase your personal and team effectiveness.

In every one of our client engagements, we follow Discover–Develop–Deliver to first identify the potential you have for financial and operational improvement, second to itemize specific actions for you to take, and third to help you achieve your results.

 In the Discover Phase, there are multiple options for how we could help you. Here is a description of each:

Lightning Business Evaluation

We will discuss your biggest challenges and identify the highest leverage projects you can launch to provide a massive boost to your performance and profits.  The power of this session is to excite you with your raw potential for quick impact.

Rapid Discovery

This is a half-day review of your processes and financials, where we dive in to expose those invisible obstacles and opportunities for your business.

Deep Diagnostic

Our most in-depth business review, with a team of experts making observations and conducting analyses for a few days (up to 1-2 weeks) to itemize the impact possible for your profit and performance and specific projects for you to implement.

Endgame Maximization

This “special flavor” of a diagnostic will enable you to learn precisely what actions to take to maximize your valuation when you decide to sell your business.

Not sure how to get started?

No problem!  Schedule a short call with someone on our team to help you assess your situation and recommend the right steps for you.