Endgame Maximization Program

Too Many Small Business Owners are Disappointed When They Go to Sell their Company.

Don’t Let That Happen to You!

With our proprietary “Endgame Maximization” Program, you increase your chances of exceeding your expectations for your cash in hand.

Schedule a short call with someone on our team to hear about your situation and help you figure out if the timing of this program is right for you now.

Imagine that when you decide to sell your business, you maximize the purchase price because you know exactly what strategies to employ, levers to pull, and partnerships to get in place. And, because you learned the most important valuation variables and risk factors for your business with enough time to impact them, you easily secure the future for your business while enjoying the cash-out you desire.

There are Major Risks You Must Address Now

If You Want to Sell in the Next Few Years…

Your Major Risks That Need to be Addressed:


No long-term planning prior to positioning for sale

Not having the right consultant to guide you

Not having your operations and financials in order

Not understanding the elements of your business valuation

Missing the opportunity to address elements prior to selling

Overly dependent on the owner

Unpredictable revenue stream or customer concentration

Not understanding the hidden risks that discount your multiple

Not understanding the Sales Process or the options you have

In the Endgame Maximization Program, we will:

Define Today’s Valuation through our “Risk Profile Due Diligence” Exercise

Predict Your Valuation Opportunity, Based on You Addressing Your Risk Areas and Itemizing Your Growth Potential


Itemize Actions to Implement and Achieve Your Full Potential

Support Your Implementation to Address Risks and Maximize Your Valuation