Leader and Team Impact Programs

When your leaders or team members struggle to create the impact you expect…

Do you just complain about them or do you give them the help they need?

Create the culture, leadership impact, and team effectiveness you really want!

Our Leader and Teams Programs will enable your team to communicate better, collaborate to solve any problem, implement strategic initiatives with ease, and achieve the results you expect!

We want you to know that no matter how disappointed you are in the results you are getting from your teams, we are confident that with our help you will be able to see major shifts — very quickly!


Here are just a few of the programs you might ask us to run for your leaders and teams that will build up capabilities, enable better results, and create the company culture you want!

For Individuals


Deep Insights Self-Leadership Program – for individuals to understand themselves better so they can optimize their individual performance, results, and personal satisfaction


Accountability Through Engagement – to teach individuals personal commitment and teach leaders the art of engaging their teams to achieve results at the next level

For Leaders


Leader High Achievement Program™ – for leaders to effectively lead and achieve their goals and aspirations, we teach you specific techniques and approaches that enable you to excel and achieve meaningful results – for both you and your company.


360° Feedback Program – for collecting and providing actionable feedback of how you are perceived by peers

For Teams


Positive Team Impact Program – for team members to optimize the “team experience” while delivering the desired results

    • Appreciate team dynamics and how to play to everyone’s strengths
    • Adapt and connect with the different types and preferences
    • Improve communication effectiveness, clarity, and impact
    • Define team norms and environment
    • Define desired culture and shifts required
    • Commit to actions for achieving team goals

Company Wide


Culture Shifting Program We guide you and your team through our proprietary approach to understand your current culture, identify your desired culture attributes, evaluate your current performance against those attributes, and then prioritize initiatives that will make your desired culture a reality.


To Make Teams More Effective and Accelerate Results, we can augment Any Major Company Initiatives with Psychographic Tools, such as:

    • Strategy Sessions and Project Execution
    • Daily Leadership and Problem Solving
    • Product Development and Process Innovation
    • Change Management of All Implementations

See What Our Customers Have to Say:

Professional in all respects, Pete and David realize that our company is committed to improving performance and defining a new culture.  So they tailored our workshop to be fast-paced, hard-hitting, and effective.  Their work with us will have a most positive impact on our company’s future.  Thank you Pete and David.

Vann Young, Director, Human Services | Kaman

Very impressed! Pete and David are engaging and motivating. They have the right approach to take our organization to the next level.

Michelle Bruce, Director, Supply Chain | HID Global

Watch this short video about the power of the psychographic tool we use.

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