Stay Safe Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend will look a lot different this year than it has in the past because we need to stay safe this Memorial Day! Because of COVID-19, we are all forced to keep our distance from one another. Social distancing is the recommendation but you will also see groups of people that are “Social Clumping”. These are groups of people who have been quarantining together and feel confident that they are safe to be closer than 6 feet apart. There will be no parades and even in the state I live in, public lakes are off limits for swimming.

So, what is allowed?

If you are going to the beach (if your state is allowing this), you will most likely see blankets that are spread 15 ft. apart. In some parks you might see circles that are drawn on the ground so the people that are “social clumping” know to stay in that area. National parks are having their staffs wear masks, guidelines are displayed and the capacity allowed is 25% of what is normal.

In one restaurant in Ocean City, MD, Fish Tales Pub, there are now inner tubes fashioned to a frame so that people its patrons can mingle amongst each other still keeping 6 ft. apart. Very clever!

This Memorial Day weekend will certainly look different but you are not limited to being cooped up in the house. If you choose to continuing social distancing you still have option.  Get outside, go for a hike, a bike ride, or a walk.

If you choose to do social clumping, be safe by washing your hands, wearing a mask, stay 6 feet apart, and bring your own food, it is best not to share.  By all means, if you feel sick, please stay at home.

Don’t risk your life or the lives of the people around you. Be the person that respects the situation we are in and do your part.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Pete Winiarski is the CEO of Win Enterprises, LLC. In response to the recent changes in how work is now conducted, he and his team created materials to help you and your team thrive in this virtual world.  Go here now.

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