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Win Enterprises, LLC is a team of business consultants, mentors, and advisors. We are guided by our proven and proprietary frameworks, approaches, and methodologies to help you remove the barriers to high performance and optimize your people and processes.

Win Enterprises, LLC is a team of business consultants, mentors, and advisors. We are guided by our proven and proprietary frameworks, approaches, and methodologies to help you remove the barriers to high performance and optimize your people and processes.

Win’s Leadership Team

Pete Winiarski

Founder & CEO

Pete is a change agent in the area of personal and professional achievement, as well as a trusted advisor to clients on all forms of business transformation. Having spent time at Wiremold, McKinsey, and Danaher to name a few, he is known for helping business leaders through their personal transformation as they lead their teams differently, helps teams develop a greater understanding of each other as he elevates their effectiveness, and helps put meaningful processes in place for business transformation to enable stellar operational and financial results. Pete has multiple best-selling books on business transformation, leadership, goal achievement, and high-integrity consulting. He is the host of the podcast; Business Results Radio.

Melanie LeRoy

VP Client Strategy & Development

Melanie spent the early part of her career leading ticket sales & operations for Sports Organizations, and then transitioned into a career in franchising and small business.  She was the GM for 2 locations of her family’s retail shop until she moved to a role with Edible Arrangements International, running their B2B Sales teams and their Marketing Consulting Division. When Edible exited CT, Melanie quickly rose to the top in the OOH Marketing space with her ability to think outside of the box, deliver on tight deadlines, and negotiate.  At WIN, Melanie assists our clients with sales, marketing, revenue/lead-generation, and negotiation opportunities for their business, as well as general business strategy.

David Tweedt

President & CFO

David is a thought leader in operations improvement, leadership, and team effectiveness. He is an innovative transformation expert with over thirty years of experience working with and creating high performance teams which leads to solving the most challenging business problems to ensure operational improvements create lasting financial impact. Combining Lean principles with business acumen, critical problem solving, and technical innovation, he has built a strong track record of implementation and execution for true transformation. Having spent time at Wiremold, Newell Rubbermaid, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, David received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Master’s degree in Operations Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Noah Blocker-Glynn

Chief of Staff & Project Manager

Noah is a celebrated leader and change-agent with extensive non-profit management experience, exceptional organizational prowess, and a drive for creating and sustaining positive change. He has deeply diverse experience including public safety, community service, emergency management, and teaching in a multitude of settings, including the collegiate and professional environments. He comes to Win after a thirteen-year tenure with the University of Hartford’s, The Hartt School. Most recently, he served as Associate Dean, where he oversaw the world-renowned Hartt School Community Division, as well as collegiate conservatory admission and academic support services.

Njomeza Kelmendi

Njomeza Kelmendi

Graphics and Systems Specialist

An established freelance professional, Njomeza Kelmendi provides media, design, and technical support to companies around the world. Njomeza, a graduate of the America University; Kosovo, part of the Rochester Institute of Technology presently works as a Specialist for Win Enterprises, LLC. In addition to her keen eye and professional design skills, Njomeza is also a consummate professional with enviable technology and professional skills. Njomeza resides in Kosovo with her family.

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Our resources have held a variety of leadership roles with pedigree companies, such as Danaher, Wiremold, Newell Rubbermaid, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, General Electric, UTC, multiple professional, non-profit, education and collegiate venues, Edible Arrangements, Relax the Back, McKinsey and Company, Accenture, among others.

These roles were ones with real, pressure-cooker “accountable-for-results” experiences. We get what you’re going through now. We can help you navigate your challenges and achieve the results that matter most to you.

Win’s purpose is to reveal what is possible to business leaders and to help them achieve their full potential.

Win’s vision is a world where companies flourish with cohesive teams who are having fun on their exciting journeys toward superior business and personal achievement.

Win’s mission is to help business leaders completely transform their companies so that they can achieve outstanding results and secure a great future for themselves and their employees.

The values that the Win team embodies are: Fun, Integrity, Connection, Trust, Openness to New Possibilities, Courage, and Initiative.