Lean Thinking: “Lean” describes a system where all non-value activities have been eliminated and value to the customer is delivered at the highest quality and service. This aspirational future state will guide you on a journey of continuous improvement. To pursue this state, there are a proven set of principles that have been applied across every industry and business type, principles which can help you increase your velocity, become more effective and cost efficient, and enable growth. While there are many “tools” that have become known in the lean world, we believe it’s critical to utilize these tools within the context of the principles, rather than tools without the larger context that lean thinking and the Win Holistic Transformation Model™ provide.

Many of Win Enterprises, LLC’s team members have deep expertise in applying lean thinking in a variety of industries and situations. Typically we will conduct a diagnostic, (in the context of your business’ strategic goals) and understand the current state of your operations, design a target future state, and then define what steps are required to transform your operations. Win will then lead the changes by training your resources in lean principles, and facilitating improvement events to create a model example of your new “production system”. Sure we utilize Kaizen Events; our resources have been involved in literally hundreds of them – but it’s not about the tools. Rather. It’s about driving sustainable change using Kaizen, 6-Sigma, and other effective change methods.

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