It’s no secret that there are a plethora of misconceptions when it comes to working with a business operations consultant. We all have heard stories about consultants that are hired for companies which ultimately entail organizational changes and downsizes that negatively impact employees. It’s not uncommon for impacted employees to feel that a business operations consultant made the decision without a comprehensive strategy in place. 

The reality behind stories like these is that the management had to make some difficult decisions. It is very likely that the business operations consultant who was hired helped make decisions that ensured the longevity and future growth of the company.

Misconceptions are often formed due to the fact that it is easier to blame an outside source rather than to look internally. We do recognize that due to many false impressions regarding consultants it can be rather confusing. To avoid any further confusion, we have listed some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to consultants.


The Top 11 Misconceptions about Business Operations Consultants

Misconception #1: Consultants make ridiculously high fees and have no ownership in our results 

Consulting fees are based on the value consultants deliver. If a consulting company didn’t deliver their results to justify their fees their reputation in turn would be ruined. Therefore, they would not receive any referrals and would struggle to get new clients. We advise that you think of a business operations consultant as an investment rather than an expense. Why? Because, at least speaking for the Win Enterprises team, we take pride in the results and our goal is to provide you the best results possible to make your investment worthwhile. Our success lies within your success. 

Misconception #2: Consultants come in for this project and leave – they don’t have to live there long term 

The best consultants tend to think of your success as their success. After a consultant has done their job, it does not mean that communication is cut off. We live in a world where technology is always at our fingertips. If you’ve worked closely with a top consultant, you will likely get several follow-ups over the next several years. We want to make sure you’re still doing well.

Misconception #3: Consultants are just people with a bunch of school degrees – they don’t have real world experience 

Some consulting firms hire after graduation. Do not be alarmed as this is common, especially within larger consulting firms. These consults are placed on a team with more senior and experienced consultants that will take the reins. It is important to note that all consultants must go through a thorough and rigorous training. Keep in mind if an individual was not competent and capable the consulting firm would not have hired them. 

Misconception #4: Consultants are just people who failed in the corporate world or in their own business 

Consulting is often overlooked and disregarded. The fact is consulting requires hard work and dedication. If a business operations consultant failed at their own business or in the corporate world they would struggle at consulting. Many consultants choose to break away from the corporate world in order to create their own schedule or because they simply enjoy helping people.

Misconception #5: Consultants just make up statistics to prove their own point

The data consultants refer to is usually from your own systems and processes, your reports, and their observations. Any data consultants use for comparison comes from publicly available resources, other client projects, or the consultant’s past experiences. Most of the data that the consultant is providing you with is traceable.

Misconception #6: Consultants don’t make recommendations based upon evidence-based outcomes or tested proven strategies 

Consultants are given the unique opportunity to work within a variety of organizations and then draw from those experiences. They are taking real life experiences alongside the data at your company to assist you to the best of their ability. 

Misconception #7: The further the consultant had to travel to get to us, the greater the expertise and value

Location is not what makes a business operations consultant effective. It’s their talent, expertise, and ability to apply what they know to help you solve your business problems. 

Misconception #8: Consultants don’t lose anything when we fail-we’re the ones who have to perform day in and day out

Reputation and credibility are two very important factors when it comes to consulting. If a consulting firm fails to achieve the results, they in turn will not receive any referrals. Ultimately, this will result in their business failing as well. 

Misconception #9: Yes, but our business is different and since you never worked in our industry you can’t help us

Consultants can bring a different perspective and see your problems through a new lens. They can share different experiences and lessons from different businesses that they have worked with that can still be universally applied.

Misconception #10: Consultants don’t have to guarantee their work 

Many consulting companies guarantee your satisfaction and will do what it takes to make sure that you are satisfied. Remember that consulting companies heavily rely on referrals and without your satisfaction their business will not flourish. 

Misconception #11: Consultants are just spies and tattle tales from our CEO 

CEOs and business leaders tend to hire consultants for many reasons, including access to an outside expert’s point of view. A business operations consultant will often hold progress reviews in order to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and is fully on board with the changes that are happening. 


Find a New Perspective with Win Enterprises

We hope that this list of common misconceptions and our expert advice helps to alleviate any concerns you and your business may have about working with a business operations consultant. Pete Winiarski, Founder and CEO of Win Enterprises, even wrote a book on this very topic – “Stop Wasting Money on the Wrong Consultant.”

Our business operations consultant team is here to help you meet your goals. Learn more about our business process improvement services and our results-oriented approach and then let’s discuss your unique needs. Reach out to our experienced advisors today.