Small Business Advising

Only a Tiny Percent of Small Businesses are Profitable, with the Likelihood that You are Only Breaking Even or Even Losing Money

You Deserve to be Confident in

YOUR Future!

Even though the odds are stacked against you, we understand your biggest challenges and will help you crush your goals!

 Here are the hard facts:


Only 40% of Small businesses are turning a profit. 30% are breaking even. 30% are losing money.


20% of small businesses go under in their first year. Only 50% survive 5 years. Only 33% are around after 10 years. And growing revenue to achieve your full potential is a constant struggle, no matter how many years you’ve been in business.


The biggest reasons small businesses fail are: lack of funds, poor planning, or bad management. These challenges continue beyond 10 years for those who do survive.

Do these facts frighten you? Or do they motivate you?  

People who are frightened stay still, don’t make important decisions that can help their businesses, and do nothing…  But, people who are motivated will take action, make big decisions, and do whatever it takes to succeed

We want you to get excited about what’s possible for your business and to take the actions required to achieve your full potential!

What if we could help you to:

  • Create cash flow with higher revenue
  • Grow without complexity or excess cost
  • Create a winning strategy for your business
  • Build and manage a team of resources to make your life easier
  • Make great decisions and keep your sanity

In fact, this is what we do for our small business clients.  Discover what Kathy achieved in just four months.

Here are the steps Kathy took to achieve these impressive results in such a short amount of time:

  1. She watched our webinar, “Rocket Your Revenue Success Secrets

  2. We demonstrated actual REVENUE and PROFIT increases for her business during what we call, “Your Power Session

  3. She enrolled in our “More Revenue More Profit Business Acceleration Program”

You could also choose to take these same steps and get results you are thrilled about!  It starts with this free webinar…

Rocket Your Revenue: Success Secrets

How to Apply Principles of $Billion-Dollar Revenue Companies to Profitably Grow Your Small Business…In Any Economy!

During This Webinar We Will:


We verify that your business model is sound, that there’s significant profit and revenue growth opportunity, and that you have what it takes to succeed from a mind-set perspective. This part is CRITICAL!

If we believe you have a genuine opportunity for results, we will launch into the Power Session to dig in deep and find you an additional $50,000 in YOUR business.


If you’re not quite ready, we’ll give you that feedback and let you down gently (we promise!) and will even make some suggestions for you to follow that will get you prepared.

Guide you to imagine the possibilities for your business and your life, so you can get motivated to achieve at your potential

Reveal how you can engage your future buyers now to go on the journey with you and become paying customers

Uncover how you can expand your team to gain exposure to qualified prospects who need the products and services you provide

Divulge the power of small changes in just a few key areas for massive Revenue and Profit growth

Disclose our gift to you – which is how we will instantly find you an extra 10% (or more!) in YOUR business

 Watch This Webinar to Discover How to Easily Attract New Customers, Make Small Changes that Matter, and Enable Your Revenue to Take Off!