Today’s guest on Business Results Radio is Colin Cooper. At the time of this podcast’s recording, Colin was just finishing up his commitment to serve as Connecticut’s first-ever chief manufacturing officer, so he can enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Colin is the former CEO of the Whitcraft Group. He started his career as a design engineer for Pratt and Whitney, and has experience in turnaround consulting and investment banking.

The Whitcraft story is a special one, as some of Whitcraft’s teachers in TPS are the same that I learned under at Wiremold, and include Mr. Nakao from Shingijutsu. Whitcraft is a contract manufacturer of precision machined, formed, and fabricated parts and assemblies for aerospace OEMs. In his 20 years as Whitcraft’s CEO, Colin grew the company from one facility in Eastford, CT to 11 facilities in New England and in 5 other states and grew revenues from $20m to $250m. That’s an exceptional Compound Annual Growth Rate of 13.5%!

In today’s interview, we get into the biggest challenges manufacturers face today. Even though Colin represents Connecticut, these challenges are not unique and definitely apply in your geography, too.

Listen in to our conversation, take notes, and be ready to apply what you learn!

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