Get Outside and Move It!

I am a creature of habit. I like having routines in order to accomplish the most of my day. I have found that I need a reboot since I have started working virtually. A lot of my established routines have flown out the window. I am adjusting to my new normal and am creating new routines but still find myself missing some that are no longer there, like getting outside.

I have found that a foundational piece for peace of mind must include, at least for me, time in my day to get outside. Catching some fresh air each day is important.  Now that your commute is a short walk inside of your house to your designated workspace, you don’t have the natural practice of leaving your house to then drive to your office. Getting outside is essential, and you need to make a conscious choice to do so.

A University of Michigan study discovered that spending time outside actually lowers your cortisol and improves your memory. Even WebMD describes how it lessons anxiety, improves focus, and boosts your creativity.

I also know that I am at my best when I have taken the time to have exercise in my daily routine. So, the article I recently read certainly hit home for me. In a Cambridge Open Engage study about mental health, 69% of people report that, since the pandemic altered their lives, they are exercising less frequently than they did before. Well, it is time to create a new routine! Get outside and exercise! According to the study, the magic number is 150 minutes per week. It can be daunting if you look at just the number so instead, break it down. That is 30 minutes a day, 5 days of the week to get out and move it. That is not a lot of time to give for a more positive state of mental health that will ultimately benefit you and those around you.

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