These corporate mandates impact the way you work, but you can still be effective

I know the Coronavirus is on your mind – you can’t avoid hearing about it in the news, and it’s even possible that your company has cancelled meetings or even issued a travel ban.  For us, during a virtual meeting with a client this morning, the subject of coronavirus inevitably made its way into our conversation as we made alternative plans to deliver a workshop that we would have done live.

We have received some well-written service announcements from various companies, like Delta and Starbucks, and were inspired to share ideas for you to consider. Even though in-person meetings may be more ideal, you can still find practical ways to get things done and interact with people with whom you need to stay connected.

Here are five ways you can stay keep your peace of mind and stay productive.

  1. Take this seriously

This is a unique time in our world, and even though decisions to close schools, ban travel, cancel events, etc., can be a nuisance compared to “business as usual,” remember these decisions are meant to help you and your community stay healthy. We suggest you take this seriously and respect any decisions your company makes to keep your employees safe, and proactively support the other companies with whom you interact in their decisions. Remember, the worst case scenario is you don’t take this seriously and end up getting sick. Now you are in bed rather than serving your customers.

  1. Amp up your creativity

We believe in being flexible and creative, and if you embrace the experiment of having to work remotely rather than complain about the challenges that these changes create for you, you will indeed come up with innovative ways to work productively and effectively. There are plenty of alternative ways to get results, and when the way you’ve been used to isn’t available to you any longer, you can experiment with another that works for you. Not sure where the phrase, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” comes from, but now is time to put the phrase to use for you and your team.

  1. Embrace change

With change comes opportunity. There is little value in complaining about your new reality – that negative energy isn’t helpful to you or anyone else. Once you embrace these current vicissitudes, you will be able to notice opportunities to innovate your approach and your experience. Resisting changes will put you behind all those who embrace the changes more quickly than you. For us, we are shifting to product development mode with new services we are launching. What opportunities do you have in front of you?

  1. Redefine your work-day

Your day-to-day operations don’t stop, so now it’s time to redefine what they look like in these new circumstances.  Tap into platforms like Zoom to hold video calls to replace the in-person work you would have done, and realize that off-site collaboration works!  We run high-value, virtual workshops all the time, and know that you can be successful with remote meetings, too.

  1. Lend support

Someone in your community is probably struggling more than others about what all this means. Time for empathy… Not everyone is as equipped or prepared as you are for these challenges, and you can provide them a more supportive perspective and help them stay grounded (rather than go straight to “freak-out” mode). We are here to support you, just as you can be there for your employees and community.

I hope these tips are helpful for you and enable you to keep your sanity during this particularly unique and challenging time!

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About the Author: Pete Winiarski

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